Taylor hoping for an improved performance from Bahamas U/19

Sun, Jul 5, 2009 3:29 PM

Taylor hoping for an improved performance from Bahamas U/19
Skipper Marc Taylor is hopeful that Bahamas U/19 can be a leading contender at the ICC Americas U/19 Qualifier this week.

His side will be one of the outsiders for the event, which will see the leading two teams reach the global qualifier which will take place in Canada in September.

How has the team prepared for the event?

The Bahamas team has been training from early January this year. Fitness preparation, fielding, bowling and batting were the key areas that we concentrated on. We also played several warm up matches against senior players where we won one match while the others were very competitive.

Who are your key players in the team?

The key players from our squad are Jermaine Adderley, Rudolph Fox and Anwar Sawyer who played in the last Under-19 tournament in 2007. Newcomers Ashmeid Allie and Odane Tucker should do well for the Bahamas. I will also be looking to play a key role as captain of the squad.

How popular is cricket in your country?

Cricket is not very popular now as it use to be in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Bahamas Cricket Association has embarked on sensitising the young people about the game. We have a hard and long journey ahead of us but we are definitely making progress.

Do you dream of playing in the ICC Cricket World Cup?

Most definitely! It would mean so much to us and our country to be able to do that.

Will you be looking to improve your success in this event after being placed fifth in the previous edition?

We will definitely be looking to improve on our previous placement in the last tournament. We were just not experienced enough to capitalise on the other teams when they made mistakes. This time we are looking forward to this tournament and we don't plan to take any prisoners.

Full squad:

Marc Taylor (Capt), Jermaine Adderley, Ashmeid Allie, Turan Brown, Adrian Dean, Rudolph Fox, Shridat Jadoo, Julio Jemison, Fritz Stubbs, Anwar Sawyer, Kiran Seeram, Orlando Stuart, Odane Tucker, Tevyn Williams

Officials: Paul Thompson, Mohamed Allie, Lester Taylor, Gregory Taylor

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