ICC Americas WICB Nagico Super50 summary

Sun, Jan 24, 2016 11:44 AM

ICC Americas WICB Nagico Super50 summary
The West Indies Cricket Board Nagico Super50 event concluded on Saturday with hosts Trinidad & Tobago defeating Barbados in the final. 
The ICC Americas team can be proud of its efforts during the event. Playing in a strong group, against seasoned international and first-class cricketers that have significantly more experience in Caribbean conditions, on most occasions the players showed that they are competitive at this level.
It was pleasing to see the way the team improved throughout the two weeks. We had two poor days where we didn’t show the required application, however, the fact that the players bounced back and showed they had learnt from their mistakes was important.
The positives:

  • Game 1 Americas v Barbados:
    • ICC Americas 183. In reply we had Barbados 125/6 before they steadied and defeated us.
  • Game 4 Americas v Barbados:
    • Barbados had 8 returning West Indies Test players, ICC Americas 202. In reply we had Barbados 6 wickets down.
  • Game 6 Americas v Jamaica:
    • ICC Americas 253. Very few teams scored over 250 in Trinidad. In reply Jamaica were 218/9 requiring a further 36 but unfortunately we couldn’t finish the game off.

The attitude of the playing group throughout the event was fantastic. It is difficult when the team is not having the success it is desperately chasing, however, the players stuck together and they should be credited for this.
I am sure that with the continued development of the talent pool in the Americas region, future success at this level is very achievable.
For your further information, this ESPNcricinfo article provides a pretty good summary of our performance:

Thanks very much to everyone who followed and supported the team.

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