USA Cricket Town Hall meetings

Mon, Nov 30, 2015 11:21 AM

USA Cricket Town Hall meetings
The objectives of the meetings were to:

  • Clarify the roles of the ICC and the Local Advisory Group (LAG);
  • Provide some background and update to USACA’s suspension;
  • Provide an update on new cricket activities that have recently taken place in the USA;
  • Discuss, and seek feedback on, the development of a future strategy for cricket in the USA;
  • Provide an open forum to seek information.

Over 250 people attended the meetings that were hosted in eight centres across the country.
In addition to being well attended by a broad group of stakeholders from the US cricket community, it was encouraging to hear the enthusiastic, open and honest discussion that took place.
Below are the Town Hall meeting slides, as well as the draft strategic planning framework that was presented and discussed.
1 Introduction and Background
2 Strategy Development
3 The Opportunity
4 Draft Strategy Framework 
The process to develop the strategy commenced in August during the first USA Cricket Town Hall meeting in Chicago, and has evolved in recent months following consultation with many people within the cricket community.  The LAG, together with our USA based consultants, Property Consulting Group, have also provided much support during this period.
Quantitative data about the current status of cricket in the USA, as well as qualitative information from a survey completed by over 100 stakeholders, has also helped shape this framework.
Although this document is still in draft form and represents our first step – with more details to be added and refinements made as on-going two-way discussions take place that the direction of the strategy received broad support during the Town Hall meetings.
In addition, some consistent themes were raised about activities that should start to take place in-line with this direction during 2016.  These included:

  • Education programmes, with a particular focus on youth development, coaching and administration;
  • Cricket Combines in multiple USA cricket centres for men, women and youth;
  • The provision of best practice resources and tools to assist local clubs and leagues.

 Although other initiatives were also raised, noting the common desire for these in particular, we will now focus on developing some plans to implement them during 2016.
It is finally important to note that a further common theme during the meetings was a desire for clarity on the future governance and administration of cricket in the USA.  In this regard USACA remains suspended by the ICC, and in-line with the ICC constitution, has been given the opportunity to meet several reinstatement conditions.  While this process is followed your patience is requested.
In the meantime, please note that the underlying pillar of the draft strategy framework is “A Sustainable Foundation” which calls for a unified governance and administration structure that acts in the national interest, develops successful partnerships and generates funds to drive cricket’s development.  Ultimately, we look forward to working with you all to achieve this.
Your ongoing feedback to the strategy development process is appreciated, and therefore don’t hesitate to contact Ben (, Tom ( or Wade ( should you wish to provide any thoughts.

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