Alejandro Ferguson Guides Argentina to Victory

Jason Eric Wilson
Fri, Mar 7, 2014 5:55 PM

Alejandro Ferguson Guides Argentina to Victory
The first day of the ICC Americas Division 3 Championship started with the home team, Argentina, playing against Panama at the Hurlingham Club.

The Argentine skipper, Alejandro Ferguson, won the toss and decided to send his team to bat first. The opening batting couple crumbled in the first overs in the hands of the seamer Ibrahim Vhora and the first change Sufyan Tarajya. The big right handed off spinner turned out to be the most damaging bowler taking three wickets in four overs for nineteen runs, including a maiden. Everything looked pretty peaceful and blunt for the team in dark blue until Alejandro Ferguson started facing the ball. The wicket-keeper stroked an unbeaten and controlled 61 off of 53 deliveries, achieving a significant partnership of 36 runs with Pedro Arrighi (13).

Argentina finished with 130 runs on the board with the loss of seven wickets, scoring 57 runs in the last 5 overs.

The second inning began with Panama trying to reach the total in a very quick and desperate way, but Argentina had a big surprise for them. The bowling side was 4-11 in the third over, due to a magnificent performance of the seamer Hernan Fennell, who took three wickets in his first spell and the last batsman of the side in the second one; ending the game with a thrilling 4-6 in 4 overs. Panama never felt comfortable with the local bowling. Mahmud Bhana was its best batsman with 17 runs out of the same amount of balls.

The Central Americans reached 94 runs in the twentieth over, losing their first match of the Pepsi ICC Americas Division 3 Championship for 37 runs. Alejandro Ferguson was chosen man of the match.

In the second match of the day Panama faced Belize looking for their first victory in the tournament, trying not to end the day empty-handed.

After winning the toss, Irfan Tarajia chose to bat first, sending the red and light blue team to the field.

In the batting order Panama made a drastic change, promoting ex number seven against Argentina, Mahmud Bhana, up to the second place. Fortunately he fulfilled his job, scoring 47 off of 35 balls and making two remarkable partnerships that placed his team in a very good position until Tarick Daya was caught. They reached 31 runs in 5.4 overs. Afterwards, with the skipper Tarajya, they managed 75 runs in 9.2 overs.

Herbet Banner ended with the best bowling figures of the inning (3-0-15-2), but the team couldnĀ“t stop Irfan Tarajya (60 of 45, including seven fours), who continued scoring until he was bowled when missing two balls to finish the inning.

Belize had the difficult task of chasing 152 runs. Kenroy Roca (48 of 35) and Percival Flowers (6 of 9) were the men in charge of attaining the goal. A good first wicket partnership of 42 runs in 5.5 overs left them in a very good position. But, from there on, no batsman could practically score until the last couple started to face the bowlers with only 2 overs to go.

Having a difficult target of 32 runs in 12 balls, Mykelt Anthony and Chris Banner prepared themselves to bat, while Tarajya did the same with the ball. For the surprise of the entire crowd around the boundry, Belize managed to score 16 runs, needing the same amount of the last over in order to win the match.

The opening bowler Ibrahim Vhora did his work successfully and only conceded 6 runs and made Panama find the victory by 10 runs. The ?Man of the Match? award was given to the captain Irfan Tarajya.

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