Cricket Week in Costa Rica

Richard Illingworth, CRCF
Thu, Mar 7, 2013 5:17 PM

Cricket Week in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Cricket Week 2013 kicked off with a four-day instructional camp for young players on February 23rd at EARTH agricultural University on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. It was directed by ICC Regional Development Officer Wendell Coppin, assisted by three national coaches and is supported by the British Embassy in San Jose.

Eighteen boys, mainly from Limon Province, between ages 13 and 18 passed the course. The closing ceremony featured inspirational talks on the benefits of Cricket to youth by HE Sharon Campbell, British Ambassador to Costa Rica, and on its value to the community by Regional Education Director MSc Trudy Poyser.
It was followed by the five-day Teachers Seminar on How to Teach Cricket in which RDO Coppin was assisted by Chile's Development Officer Craig Andrews and national coach Kreyton Bryan, both functionally and linguistically. 25 PE instructors attended of whom 24 passed the course;
17 were from the province of Limon, six from Cartago and two from Heredia in the central valley. Levels of enthusiasm and technical learning were high, most remarked on the discipline evidenced by their charges who have been exposed to Cricket and as a group the instructors made plans to develop their own programme and competitions.
They furnished willingly the information on themselves and their institutions in order for us to establish a data base and provided introduction to a new centre of PE schools in another city in the province of Limon.

Altogether the week was a seminal success and the most promising development event in the federations history.

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