Interview with Bermuda Women's captain, Terry-Lynn Paynter

Mon, Jun 15, 2009 9:25 AM

Terry-Lynn Paynter: "We are looking forward to improve with every game

What matches have you played in the past 12 months and how have you performed in these games?

The women's team has been competing in the U/17 League and the Evening League. Since the time we have played the ICC Women's World Cup Qualifier in South Africa, the team has reformed with several young players. In recent games, the team has performed reasonably well and we are looking forward to improve with every game.

Who are your key players in the team?

The team is working as a unit and every player is expected to perform. There are no real key players.

How popular is women's cricket in your country?

Women's cricket is growing in popularity in Bermuda with most schools taking up the game. We had an inter-school girls' tournament in both primary and middle school levels. The National Girls' Development Team formed last year and it competes regularly in the 11&U League.

What challenges do you face in the growth of the game?

The major challenge lies in attracting younger female players to the sport.

Will you be looking to improve from your previous performance in the ICC Women's World Cup Qualifiers where you finished eighth?

Definitely, we will look forward to a better event next time.

Do you dream of playing in the ICC Women's World Cup?

Yes, being part of the World Cup event is a dream many girls in the squad cherish.

Are you in favor of women's T20 cricket which is now popular in the region as seen from the recent Brazil v Argentina game earlier this year and also the forthcoming ICC World Twenty20 in England?

Yes, definitely. It is a shorter version of the game which is more feasible for women to play. It will also help in promoting the women's game in Bermuda and attracting local crowds.

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