USACA close in on new CEO

Sat, Oct 6, 2012 6:27 PM

The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) is making good progress in appointing a new CEO as part of a 100-day plan to further develop the game in the country.

A CEO Search Committee made up of Gladstone Dainty, ICC Global Development Manager Tim Anderson, Ahmed Jeddy, Hassan Khan and Sunil Kumar have narrowed their search down to five applicants, with a final candidate expected to be named on October 19.

Also as part of the 100-day plan, an acting committee has been set up to review youth and women's cricket in the USA with a formal funding of $65,000 to assist the project. A women's tournament is planned for the near future as part of a new-found commitment to the women's game.

USACA are also planning a men's tournament by the end of year as part of preparations for next year's ICC Americas Division Three and ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers.

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