Salix Sponsors Brazilian Woman Cricketer

Vince Bastick
Wed, Sep 26, 2012 5:27 PM

Salix Sponsors Brazilian Woman Cricketer
The English batmaker, Salix, has presented one of their excellent bats to the founding member of the Brazilian women's cricket team, Juliana Brito. She received the bat recently in Brasília in recognition of her achievements since taking up cricket five years ago.

Juliana is an accomplished all-rounder in the team. She opens the bowling at a very lively pace, and bats in the top order. She has represented Brazil for the past five years, playing an integral part in the team's participation in three South American Championships and two ICC Americas Women's tournaments. Juliana has twice been selected as a member of the Americas Women's representative team.

Her devotion to the game of cricket and her competitive spirit, as well as her ample natural ability, have made her an inspirational player in Brazil and the Americas region. With Salix now her sponsor, many more runs should flow from the magnificent bat she now uses.

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