São Paulo and Rio to clash

Vince Bastick
Tue, Sep 18, 2012 6:48 PM

Cricket players and cricket fans love tradition. It is one of the cornerstones of the game, and Brasil cricket is about to revive one of its oldest traditions - São Paulo v Rio de Janeiro.

Matches between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro began in 1878 and continued regularly until 1995. So after an almost twenty year hiatus, life has been breathed back into this old rivalry. The two teams will finally meet again for a three-match, Twenty20 series on the weekend of 22-23 September at São Paulo Athletic Club (SPAC) in Santo Amaro . The winner will hoist the aging trophy, which dates back to 1921. Unfortunately, the cricket archives here don't reveal how many times each team has won, but the trophy has been with São Paulo since the last clash in the 90s, occupying a quiet corner in the bar at SPAC.

The team from Rio, the Carioca Cricket Club (CCC), will give the players from São Paulo a very good contest, having won the national T20 tournament in Curitiba back in May this year. In that encounter, the CCC easily defeated São Paulo. However, this time the Paulistas do have home ground advantage and most likely a stronger line-up than that in Curitiba. It is shaping up as a great weekend of cricket and the welcome return of a Brazilian cricketing tradition.

For more information about the São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro series this weekend, send an email to info@brasilcricket.org

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