USACA's 100-day plan unveiled

Wed, May 30, 2012 6:32 PM

Before and during its May 19 meeting, the USACA Board began to consider some important strategic and functional activities that require immediate attention. These were summarised within a 'One Hundred Day Plan',a draft document designed to focus attention on the following priorities over the next approximately 100 days.

The Board recognised that it may not be practical to achieve all items in the desired time frames, and that the activities may take more, or less, time than forecast. It was, however,considered important to record and share the immediate priorities that USACA is setting for the organisation in order to lead the growth and development of cricket in the United States.


Formal recruitment of a CEO and associated youth and women's development manager and coaching staff. The objective is to have a new CEO description and committee in place for a comprehensive recruitment and hiring process.
  • CEO committee recruited in 30 days to include non-cricket and/or non US advisors, including a representative from the ICC
  • A short list of approved candidates for interviewing and selection within 90 days.


We need to examine what the future governance model is for cricket in the US. The first two steps over the next 60 days are critical starting points to this.
  • Examine best practice sports governance models with the support of ICC, and by talking to industry leaders including Cricket Ireland and New Zealand Cricket.
  • Creation of an investigative committee to examine timelines and the costs of engaging an independent firm to facilitate a formal review. Any independent formal review would involve wide stakeholder consultation.


Set out a clear process and resources to get all leagues compliant if they want to participate.
  • Create an independent committee for compliance management (30 days)
  • Committee reports back on specific process and requirements for compliance (30 to 60 days).
  • Committee to reach out and help all leagues comply (60 to 120 days)
  • Committee recommends back to the executive board on which leagues are now compliant. Executive board to approve with appropriate period for any reviews, (120 days to 180 days).


Develop a clear model to substantially increase youth playing numbers. A committee be set up to get feedback from communities, appropriate league leadership and interested outside parties. There is a current white paper design that the committee should pressure test.
  • Outreach to all league presidents (compliant and non-compliant) to contribute to this process. 30 days to create the committee, for approval by the Executive committee.
  • Report from committee on current white paper and alternative models to also include findings of interviews with leaders of other 'developing' sports in the US (e.g. lacrosse, netball, archery, etc).


Two parallel high priority focuses exist. The first involves a substantial increase in domestic female competitions-this is linked to point 4. The second involves the creation of a women's committee to build a master plan for the US.
  • Within 60 days, find and allocate support and or resources for a national women's tournament with dates and owners.
  • Within 90 days, create a national women's committee with at least two women members and one ICC recommended women's expert resource.
  • Report from committee on recommended plans and resources, within 90 to 150 days. Includes one national town hall meeting with key constituents and bodies


ESPN, through its free online platform ESPN3, is now the exclusive US broadcaster of ICC's major events, including the upcoming ICC World T20 to be played in September. Within the next 30 days USACA seeks to build an effective co-marketing relationship with ESPN, to initially ensure member leagues and all other interested stakeholders within the US cricket community are aware of this live coverage of one of world cricket's most exciting events.


We need to develop a clear set of dates for Board meetings and 'virtual' town hall meetings to discuss relevant questions and issues that arise during the year. It is envisaged that Q&A sessions would occur on the call with league presidents and regional representatives with questions submitted through the virtual meeting software.

  • Calendar of tentative board meeting dates and subsequent town hall web conferences published within 30 days.

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