Chris Brown in the Americas Region Again

Thu, Feb 16, 2012 2:40 AM

Chris Brown in the Americas Region Again
ICC Americas have been pleased to have ECB Level 4 Coach Chris Brown back in the region for a couple of weeks. Chris took time off from a busy schedule in the UK which includes being in charge of the ECB Spin Programme as well as running High Performance cricket in Norfolk. He joined ICC Americas staff Wendell Coppin and Andy Pick to work on the ICC Americas HPC South in Buenos Aires. Following that Chris and Andy stayed on to help Argentine National Coach Toby Bailey, as the team put the finishing touches to their WCL Division 5 preparations.

Chris first worked in the region when he was the specialist spin coach on the ICC Americas HPC in St Kitts last year. He is fast establishing himself as one of the leading spin coaches in cricket and works not only for ECB and Norfolk but also with a number of first class county teams. At the ICC Americas HPC South in Argentina Chris again took the spinners during the specialist sessions but also took charge of the fielding sessions and helped Wendell and Andy deliver the batting module. Argentina especially made full use of Chris’ expertise by sending three of their young spinners to the HPC to work with Chris on a daily basis. This also gave Chris the chance to link up again with Augustin Husain, having previously worked with him in St. Kitts. “Kuta has improved since I last worked with him in St Kitts, he works hard and is aware of the value of his drills, it was great to see him again” Chris commented.

Following the HPC Chris continued to work with the young spinners but also spent time with Billy McDermott, Argentinas Captain and first choice off spinner. Toby Bailey commented, ”Chris Brown has done a lot of intensive work with our current spinners and our spinners coming through while he was here. I have noticed that the spinners he has worked with spin the ball more consistently and have greater control during practice matches and scenarios. The work which he has done will leave a legacy for the future of Argentine Cricket with players such as Jason Wilson, Lautaro Musiani and Agustin Husain.”

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