ICC Americas HPC South Concludes

Sat, Jan 28, 2012 3:18 AM

ICC Americas HPC South Concludes
The inaugural ICC Americas HPC South drew to a close on Sunday with a match at the prestigious Belgrano Athletic Club in downtown Buenos Aires. It was the culmination of a very successful week and gave the players chance to showcase their improved skills in a fitting environment. With the help of Grant Dugmore and Cricket Argentina both teams had their own uniforms and the game was umpired by two of Argentina?s top officials. Argentina provided a few players to add to the group who were then put into two sides for a 35 over game. Team A batted first and scored 124 all out and the total was reached by Team B with 4 wickets to spare, the game then continued to allow all the players to bat.

The game saw players who were reluctant earlier in the week to bat and bowl in the middle practices, applying their skill in a match environment and it was plain to see improvements in pretty much all departments. In the few days prior, the programme had continued with the technical sessions but also included more middle wicket practice for the players to put their skills into a game situation. There has been an abundance of talent on show but all the players need to play games to learn more tactical awareness. The final session was a short fitness test which was designed to see roughly how fit they were and where they were in comparison with the group. Also, on the final day the players were put in groups and asked to set up some of the fielding drills they had been shown throughout the week to see if they retained the drills well enough to take back to their countries, and again the players responded well.

Thanks must go to Grant Dugmore for his work in the organization of the camp, to Cricket Argentina for their help, and to St Georges School for allowing us to use their facilities and for their great hospitality. Thanks also to Craig Andrews from Chile who came along to help and also take the opportunity of learning from the coaches who were running the camp.

Finally thank you to the countries for supporting this new venture and sending their players, it is hoped this will be a project that is repeated in the not too distant future.

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