Cayman Islands Demolish the Bahamas

Wed, Aug 24, 2011 12:53 AM

Cayman Islands Demolish the Bahamas
Day 2 of the ICC Americas U15 Central Division Championship got underway with Cayman winning the toss and batting on a hot and sunny day at Windsor Park. Wayne Cato and David Lee got the action started with Cato scoring four runs from the first delivery. Lee was dismissed on 7 runs and Gregory Davis replaced him. Cato was bowled 16 minutes later and the new batsman Paul Laidlaw and Lee were solid as a rock at the wicket. Davis continued his routing of the Bahamian bowlers by dispatching them to the boundary for fours and even a six. The pair ensured that Cayman was never in trouble in their innings with Davis scoring 53 runs not out and Laidlaw 28. Cayman’s final total was 166 for 6 wickets in 30 overs.

The Bahamas innings started with Kevin Valsaint and Earl Thomas opening the batting when Valsaint was bowled for 1 run. Dwight Weakley Jr. arrived at the wicket and Thomas left shortly after with 4 runs. Weakley prodded and dabbed his way for 12 runs. There was a parade of batsmen to the wicket with five of them being dismissed for ducks! It was nothing like the previous day’s performance, they were all out for 43 runs in 15 overs. Even though the Bahamian youngsters did not win the match they remained upbeat and even practice with Coach Benjamin and the Manager Mohamed Allie after the match trying to get ready for the next game on Wednesday, hopefully, if hurricane Irene turns north away from the Bahamas. The Bahamas team is eager to avenge themselves on that humiliating defeat by the Caymanians. Coach Theo Cuffy is reveling in the two wins by his team after being soundly defeated by the Bahamas in the 2009 Tournament.

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