Adjusting to the conditions key: Agentina coach Bailey

Mon, Jul 4, 2011 10:09 PM

Argentina coach Toby Bailey believes adjusting to the conditions quickly will be the key for his side to do well at the ICC Americas Division 1 held from 17-24 July at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

"Conditions are not similar to Argentina at the moment because it is winter here and there will be a 20 degree difference in temperature. However, the temperature and humidity in the summer in Argentina is similar to Florida so there should be no problems getting acclimatised. Regarding the pitches, we are training on artificial surfaces because there are Rugby pitches on our grass pitches now! The one grass pitch which is available to us now would too be dangerous to play on because of the weather," said Bailey.

But the Argentina coach still backs his team to do well and believes he has the personnel to go through to the next stage. "Everyone in the team is key for us. The team is young and talented. If we stick to the game plans there is no reason why we can't cause an upset and qualify. There is no pressure on us which has got to be an advantage," added Bailey.

A qualification to the next stage, would mean Argentina would be one step closer to a dream, a place in the ICC World T20 2012. The very thought of this happening has excited Bailey.

"It is one of the targets for the year. If it happens, then it would be massive and unexpected. It is good that we have been given this opportunity to make it to the next stage. Countries need to able to aim to get to the top and it is vital that there is a fair path way to get there," opined Bailey.

The coach is banking on the preparation of the side to do well in the tournament. "We will be playing one warm-up game against the Caymans in Florida. We have added a domestic T20 competition into our season so we have had more match practice at this type of cricket. This with a combination of a stiff training schedule has prepared us for the event," said Bailey.

Looking at the team's opponents in the tournament, Bailey picked Bermuda and the USA as the teams to watch out. "Bermuda and the USA are the favourites to qualify with Canada who have already qualified. As Canada have already qualified it will be interesting to see what side they bring to the tournament. The Caymans beat Bermuda in last year's T20 competition to finish third so they will be a force and Suriname have already played in Division 2 so this will give them good preparation for the tournament," said Bailey.

However, Bailey believed that the tournament was an open affair with every team having an opportunity to do well in the tournament. "In T20 cricket things happen so quickly and every ball is an event. Sometimes a bit of magic can change a game and I think every team have player with the potential to do this," concluded Bailey.

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