Brazil aims for top honours at Americas Division 3

Thu, Oct 8, 2009 3:24 PM

Brazil aims for top honours at Americas Division 3
On the eve of the ICC Americas World Cricket League (WCL) Division 3 event, Vince Bastick, team official with the Brazil cricket squad, is confident the team will provide tough competition and aims for a successful run in the competition.

Brazil will compete with Belize, hosts Chile and Peru in the four-day event, which runs from 9-12 October.

How has the team prepared for the event?

Brazil played a three-match series against Mexico on October 2-4. Also in late August, we had our national T20 tournament, which enabled all players to get some match practice in hand.

How important is it for Brazil’s development in cricket to be playing this tournament?

Extremely important. The more matches we have with teams of equal or greater ability, the more our improvement and motivation. Brazil’s youth involved in cricket can look forward to better opportunities in the game both now and in the future.

Do you foresee Brazil being competitive in cricket in the global arena?

It is a few years down the track, but yes, Brazil can become more and more competitive regionally and globally. As long as we are able to continue and bring in young Brazilians to the game via adequate funding and good competition, Brazil can one day be very competitive.

Do you dream of playing in the World Cup?

We have a lot of young local players who know what the World Cup is all about and we have talked about what it will take for Brazil to participate one day in the World Cup. The dream is there and we are working towards it step by step.

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