Cayman Islands aims to regain lost ground

Sun, Jul 18, 2010 1:19 PM

Cayman Islands aims to regain lost ground
Cayman Islands' batsman, Ricardo Roach, said his team is determined to reclaim its Division 3 spot after being placed fifth in the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League event in Argentina last year, which relegated it to Division 4 in Italy.

The team will participate in the six-team event next month along with Argentina, hosts Italy, Nepal, Tanzania and USA, to qualify for the top-spot which will lead it to Division 3 next year.

Cayman Islands has been training four days a week and playing 50-over matches on weekends in the run-up to the event. It had a string of mixed performances recently ? the squad finished third in the ICC Americas WCL Division 1 Twenty20 event but ended up fifth in the 50-over tournament ? and will hope to put in a good show in the Division 4 event.

Roach said: "We are confident of reclaiming our position in Division 3 and our strength lies in our collective will to win as a team. However, we do not have the desired preparation ahead of the event, which can be blamed to inclement weather."

"Nevertheless, we will be counting on our star players including Ryan Bovell, Kervin Ebanks and myself to lead us to wins on our day."

According to Roach, the profile of cricket has grown immensely in Cayman Islands in recent times. He said: "We have introduced youth leagues at various levels and also a women's league. Add to this, a good performance in the Division 4 event, will boost the game even further. We aim to play at the highest level in the next three years and success in this tournament will be a stepping stone towards that goal."

Other than cricket, the team is also looking forward to the trip to Italy which will be a first for most players. Roach said: We are expecting this trip to be a huge success. Italy has a rich culture and since our team will be visiting Italy for the first time, we are looking forward to embracing most aspects of the Italian culture. 95% of our team has never visited Europe and shall be crossing the Atlantic for the first time, therefore we are very excited."

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