Cricket Canada set out Strategic Plan

Thu, Jun 10, 2010 6:44 PM

Cricket Canada (CC) has resolved to develop a Strategic Plan in order to provide a road map to the future development of cricket across Canada. CC has engaged Howard Petrook of Target Sports Marketing International (TSMI) to coordinate and complete this task. The process will receive input, participation and cooperation from :

Board of Directors
Executive Committee
CC Staff; CEO, Coach and Development Officer
Captains of the teams
Players Representative
Members of Provincial Cricket Association Boards
General cricket public through the CC website
Input will also be sought from the ICC and other cricket countries which have developed similar plans

The process will be as follows;
The Current State of cricket in Canada will be defined by the participants.
The Desired State of Cricket in Canada will be defined by the participants.
An Action Plan designed to achieve the "Desired State" will be developed. This plan will define; timelines for achieving goals, responsibilities for achieving these goals and the action required in order to achieve these goals.
The review and process will take place under the following headings;

2.Policies/Procedures/Guidelines and Rules.( Includes Selection Policies and procedures)
3.Administration and Control. Financial Planning, Admin and Control.
4.Professional Operations, Management and Systems.
5.Government Relations and cooperation. All levels of Government.
6.ICC relations and communication.
7.Player Development and Coaching. (Men's, Women's and Juniors).
8.Staff and Coaching development.
9.Financial Development and Funding.
10.Cricket Operations. Senior Team. Junior Teams. Women's team. High Performance Program, Coaching. Standards. Fitness, Contracts, Technical Analysis, Team Motivation/building, Team Management, Trials, National Competitions, Selection Process, Preparation for ICC CWC 2012, Qualification for future ICC events.
13.Infrastructure requirements across the country.
14.Marketing and Brand development.
15.Generation of Sponsorship.
16.Communications, internal and external.

The general public are invited to make written submissions under the 16 heading above on the "Desired State" of Cricket in Canada. This "Desired State" is to be achieved within the next two to five years. These submissions may be under all of the 16 topics or under as many as the submitter wishes. All submissions are to be submitted to Howard Petrook at by no later than the 30th June 2010. All submissions must clearly identify the name, address and contact phone number and email info of the person making the submission. No pseudonyms, false email addresses, anonymous submissions will be considered or included in the process.

The entire process will result in a draft Strategic Plan to be completed by the end of August 2010. This draft will be submitted to the CC Board for approval and adoption in its final state.

CC encourages people to make a submission and assist in the growth and development of the sport in Canada.

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